Case Study
by: Candyd Casidid
May 18, 2023
2 min read

Client Spotlight: BEHR

BEHR Briskly Innovates

BEHR partnered with OnePulse to change up its innovation pipeline––cutting its timeline from eight weeks to less than eight hours.

This is how they sped up the process.

The Challenge

Before the pandemic, when it was time to get feedback on new product ideas, the BEHR team would go up and down retail aisles collecting in-person consumer insights. This method had its own set of challenges, such as the time it took to interview only a handful of people, along with the costly incentives required to motivate participation (only to end up with unengaged participants).

More time is then required to report the results to the rest of the key stakeholders.

Fast Forward to the Solution

BEHR simplified the process and used OnePulse, enabling them to receive real-time input from consumers. The team can now check in with a highly engaged community throughout the product development, allowing for quick adjustments and optimisation of new concepts.

To paint the picture, here’s how it works:

  1. BEHR runs a Pulse on a new product in the morning
  2. Concepts and designs are updated based on consumer feedback
  3. At lunch, the team sends another Pulse to the same group of consumers
  4. Designers modify and sketch a concept again in the afternoon
  5. They close the day by sending out a third Pulse and make a final decision

OnePulse highlights speed in every way. Speed to set up a pulse, speed to get results, speed of decision making.

Of all the tools my team uses, none have been adopted like OnePulse. My team has a reputation for being able to get really good answers really fast because of the platform. We use it all the time, even during meetings to help make consumer-informed decisions on the spot.

I can say with authority that we would have not been nearly as effective in our product development work for the last 2+ years if we didn’t have the OnePulse platform.

Darren Stoddart, Senior Directior of Innovation and New Product Development

Outside of product development, BEHR uses agile research for brainstorming, sub-branding personality, and association exercises.

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