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Big pitch coming up? What if you could wow clients with a solid understanding of their business challenges before you walk in the door? Or if you could pressure test that spec work—live, in the meeting?

OnePulse makes it easy to impress prospects without creating a lot of acquisition overhead. Use real, fast consumer feedback to turn their procurement process into a data-driven win.

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help making business decisions quickly.
data for an upcoming pitch presentation.
to check in with a client’s target audience.
insights to support my creative ideas.

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Level up your new business process

Be pitch ready and win new business with live input and validation from your prospect’s target audience.

Infuse presentations with relevant insights that support your ideas and entice potential clients at the same time.

How did you learn to put on makeup?
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Friend or family
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Option 2
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Fill in the blank: “I’m drawn to ___ eyeshadows.”
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Neutrals (Black, Grey, Brown)
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Cool Tones (Blue, Green, Purple)
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How long does your typical makeup routine take?
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Less than 15 minutes
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Between 15 and 30 minutes
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Infuse a little presentation magic

Create a compelling pitch

Accelerate your understanding of your prospect’s business problems, competitors, and customers. Use live data to back up concepts, ideas and claims.

Become a data-focused agency

Increase your chances of winning by gathering valuable consumer insights prospective clients care about before a meeting, or even in the middle of a pitch.

Understand what resonates best

Gain trust quickly by proving that your marketing creative and messaging concepts will connect with customers once they are live. 

Innovate to differentiate

Edge ahead of competitors with fastest-in-class insights to keep things moving as client needs shift.
How did you learn to put on makeup?
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“OnePulse has become an invaluable way for us to quickly and reliably get genuinely insightful information from consumers. It’s an indispensable tool in the way we do business, offering genuine opinions at scale.”

– Ed Beard, Strategy Partner, Digitas